Is that a blade server in your jacket?

It came as news to Downtime that wearable computers are a reality in today’s army. Wearing a blade server built into a T-shirt might keep you warm, but hiding the cooling fan might prove problematic.

The priority, though, is that soldiers keep hold of their guns, which is where the RallyPoint Handwear Computer Input Device comes into play. The glove has an array of sensors built-in, including push-button sensors in the pinky, fourth finger and index finger, a mouse-like sensor in the index finger, and a trio of accelerometers that can send commands to devices soilders are wearing.

The last thing you want to do in a combat situation is bust out a keyboard and mouse and start clicking away just to send some simple commands via your embedded computer.

Apparently US soldiers are using them Iraq. Let’s hope that in the heat of battle they do not forget which finger fires an e-mail and which one, err, fires.