IT professionals to exact revenge on bankers that cost them their jobs

A government commission looks set to give IT workers the opportunity to get revenge on bankers that have cost them their jobs and deteriorated their opportunities.

IT professional in the banking sector bore the brunt of the carnage that was the financial meltdown of 2008. Thousands lost their jobs. All this because of bankers taking huge risks.

But there is hope of revenge. A government commission has published a report that supports the idea of ring-fencing banks to separate retail and investment operations. But it is going a step further by recommending the ring fence is electrified.

So any banker overstepping the mark and taking part in investment activity that could put the bank at risk will be given an electric shock.

Not only will IT professionals play an important role in ring fencing the banks by separating systems but they will also be called upon to create the electrification.

Telephones both fixed and mobile as well as computers will be linked up to a monitoring system which at the sign of malpractice will give a shock, of varying degrees depending on how inappropriate an activity is, to bankers.