How would you like to pay for your iPad 2? Do you take kidney?

Doctor with iPadIn life, I believe nothing is unachievable. There’s always a way of getting somewhere or getting something. You know? The whole follow your dreams, reach for the stars or anything is possible.

I’m not the only one that believes that either.

A young 17 year old boy named Zhen wanted an iPad 2 so badly that he sold his kidney to raise the money.

It sounds insane, selling body parts to pay for an iPad 2 but let’s think about it for a second.

Your kidney can do the following things:

  • Excretion of wastes
  • Acid-base homeostasis
  • Osmolality regulation
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Hormone secretion

Sounds good, but the iPad 2 can do all this:

  • Facetime
  • Email
  • Web browsing
  • Maps
  • Watch movies
  • Listen to music
  • Read magazines
  • Play games
  • Draw stuff
  • Look cool
  • Look like you have money to burn
  • Have that self-satisfying smug git

And there’s over 65,000 apps that do all sorts of other things. SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND.

OK, now tell me what you’d rather have? Especially as you have two kidneys anyway. That’s just greedy.

And little Zheng, who most people thought was thick, came to this conclusion and sold his kidney to a broker he found online (where else) for 20,000 yuan which is £1,886.90.

So in fact this boy genius not only got himself an iPad 2 but he also pocketed over a grand to put towards his education, like he needs it. I think he’s the next Lord Alan ‘Zheng’ Sugar.

Sadly his brain power couldn’t stop him from getting ill. He and his mum tried to contact the broker, who we can refer to now as the ‘dodgy broker’ and the kid might need a… kidney transplant, how ironic.

So there you go, brains doesn’t always win. In fact this kid has lost so much.

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