Hacker Movie: Zombies Ahead


Computer hackers have broken into electronic road-signs across the USA, causing havoc by changing the text to warn motorists of impending zombie attacks. In the latest incident, motorists in Denver, Colorado, were shocked to read road-side messages announcing impending Armageddon on 14th March. The signs were spotted by Rick Barron, a 66 year old Boulder resident, who kept his eyes peeled for the undead on his early morning journey to Denver Airport after seeing a sign. “I couldn’t verify that I saw any,” he told his local paper. If Orson Welles famous 1938 War of the Worlds radio drama is anything to go by antics like this could bring America to the verge of panic.




Zombies Ahead.jpg  


Thanks to Andrew Kemshall, technical director of SecurEnvoy for drawing our attention  to this story. Andrew helpfully points out in a media alert that these weird shenanigans could have easily been avoided if the transport authorities had only used mobile phones to authenticate the identity of their traffic engineers.