Diggers and social media: A match made in heaven

Over one million Finns have found themselves unable to resist the lure of watching four strangers live in diggers. 

Over the past two months the four men, who’ve been constantly streaming live video and interacting with their viewers, have been sleeping, eating and drinking in the diggers. They are only allowed 30 minutes per day for bathroom breaks.

They aren’t just doing this for the fun of it, oh no, the last man standing wins the £28,000 digger they they have been temporarily living in.

One of the contestants, Kimmo Frisk, said, ” one guy contacted me through the internet and suggested I come to his house and have fun with a naked cow and a chicken. I didn’t take him up on his invitation.”

Another contestants, Arto Kojonen, said, “being online constantly, I’ve made a lot of new friends so I don’t feel lonely. I’m having lots of fun doing this – and it’s a great way to meet women.”

This is not the first digger and social media match-up that has been successful in Finland. Last year Jukka Mutanen drove a mini digger, with a top speed of 4km/hour, 1000km across Finland whilst broadcasting the whole thing live online.

Don’t be surprised if you see a celebrity version of this commissioned for Channel Five next year.