Cats make every website better

Cat watching cat

Cat watching cat (Photo credit: gillicious)

We all know the internet was invented so we could share pictures of cats doing funny things with people around the world.

What? It wasn’t you say? Well, we can agree to disagree on this one and perhaps use this tool to merge both our philosophies…

Downtime first discovered when excited rockers from Metal Hammer tweeted a link to their website. Rather than pictures of long haired lads with spikey guitars, all the images had been replaced by various pictures, GIFs and memes of cats. Yes, cats!

It made many in the office LOL and some even ROFL’d as a result, so there was only one thing to do: meowbify Computer Weekly!

Click on the link here to see what you think. We particularly liked the picture of Francis Maude being changed to a rather plump cat reading a newspaper. Very clever internet. Very clever.

If you want to meowbify your own website, follow the link here for the URL creator and watch as cats take their rightful place as rulers of the interwebs. 

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