Avoid the Tube, pubs and bars to keep data safe

If anyone needed confirmation that over indulging in alcohol is a bad idea, IT security firm Trend Micro has published a study that shows more than half of Britons have lost a mobile 
phone while out drinking.
In a what possibly qualifies as a pointless survey of over 2,500 UK citizens, 52% admitted to losing a mobile phone containing sensitive work data while out drinking. 
More than a fifth of respondents have had devices lost or stolen in a bar, 11% in a café and 8%t in a restaurant.
The report highlighted a number of ‘security blackspots’ where device loss and theft are increasingly common. 
A majority (26%) said they had lost or had their mobile stolen on the London Underground, with most losses (25%) on the Central and District lines. 
Mobile devices are also commonly lost on the way to and from work, with 44% of commuters saying they lost a device on the way home and 22% saying they lost a device on the way to work. 
Most of the losses and thefts took place at night, with 18% losing a mobile between the hours of 11pm and 6am, and a further 14% losing their mobile between 7.30pm and 11pm. 
But laptops tend to go missing at lunchtime, with 33% of respondents saying a laptop lost or stolen between noon and 2pm.
So in summary, avoid commuting, drinking, visiting cafés and restaurants, the London Underground, using mobiles after dark and laptops at lunchtime, and you should be fine.