Who will win the BDUK's beauty contest? Today may be the day

There are times when one wishes the telephone was really broken. It has been ringing off the hook today, with rumours that Chancellor George Osborne and/or communications minister Ed Vaizey will sweeten the bitter pill of budget cuts with news of the three counties that BDUK will support in their pilot next generation broadband roll-outs.
Well, guess what I’m doing at 12.30.
To be sure, it’s been a while coming. Everyone expected the announcement a week ago. But it appears that politics and lobbying may have changed a few decisions in the mean time.
If it is today, great. Then we can all go back to figuring out how the rest of us are going to scrape together the loot for a decent high speed link.

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I hope they are MODELS not pilots. We need future-proofed solutions this time, not yet more failures to produce anything of worth, except subsidies for the incumbent. Wouldn't like to second guess the Chancellor until the words are out of his mouth about which three areas they are, but it may be time for some country folk to polish up their tendering skills if we want a best spend of the digital dividend.
Hopefully (?) the pilots will show everyone how to do it. Let us hope they are sensible, replicable and affordable and then everyone will be able to JFDI. If Eden gets one then it'll be a flagship project, rorysreivers will make sure public money isn't wasted. Digital village pumps and men of grit, and no wastage on suits #bigsociety in action ... hopefully. Fingers crossed. Get the steel bonnets out of storage.