What (house) price high speed broadband?

It’s been anecdotal up to now, but a recent report in the Telegraph suggests that life is starting to imitate art, at least where it concerns house desirability and broadband access. The Torygraph reported that website Rightmove, which claims to publish details of 90% of the UK’s properties for sale, was working with BT to include access to high speed broadband to its catalogue of features.
A spokesman for Rightmove said there was no agreement in place, but did not deny the talks, adding the company “could look into” adding the details in its web pages.
The spokesman could not say whether was a correlation between house prices and broadband access, or indeed how much of a difference it made.
A February survey by ISP Review didn’t ask the hard question (How much more?) but did find that almost half the 773 people it asked would pay a premium for high speed (more than 40Mbps) broadband. But almost 74% said it was “critically important” to them. Just not at home.