Bletchley Park needs your help

I’ve always had a soft spot for Bletchley Park (BP). It’s an important piece of history and it needs to be preserved, and not just the physical site but also the spirit of innovation and creativity that lead to the birth of the computer and the science of cryptology.

One would imagine that such an important site would naturally attract support from security agencies and technology vendors. Not so. I spent several years trying to raise funds from industry and it’s a hard slog. Charitable donations tend to go to children’s charities such as NSPCC and Rainbow Trust. Government security agencies aren’t tasked to spend taxpayers’ money on charitable donations. And there isn’t an obvious business case for companies to invest in BP, though there are great benefits in partnering with such a distinguished site.

BP has done remarkably well to survive on little more than visitor fees and the odd bit of sponsorship. It needs and deserves a lot more. The brand is priceless and the cause worthy. Smart security vendors should be queuing up to associate themselves with such an important and popular institution.

So when I read in The Register that the Park needs £1 million for repairs, I had no hesitation in penning this appeal. Spread the word. Get your wallets out. Bletchley Park needs your help. There is great kudos and satisfaction in being associated with BP.

Let me know if you’d like to help but are stuck for ideas. I’m sure we can dream up an imaginative business case to match your aspirations.