A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

I’ve always stressed the importance of strong visual images in security programmes and awareness campaigns. It’s surprising how much leverage a strong, well-thought-through image can generate. Professional advice helps. In the past I’ve hired award-winning ex Saathchi & Saathchi creative teams to help design themes, images and straplines. And I once hired Judith Hann of Tomorrow’s World to help create a forward-looking image for a new security function.

So I can only admire the enterprise that prompted the CIA to adopt it’s latest terrorist-buster logo. It certainly creates an impact. Any suggestions on a suitable hacker-buster version?

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I thought the CIA's logo bore an uncanny resemblance to propaganda signs used by a certain 'formerly' armed group in South Armagh. I'm hoping they don't share PR companies. Hackbuster logo – how about a 'white hat' on a pizza box :-)