To boldly go where IT departments haven't gone before?

Enterprise 2.0 is certainly gaining the backing of leading firms.

Networking giant Verizon Business for one backs this idea, arguing in its predictions of future trends in IT for 2009 that the workplace is ever-changing and yesterday’s work style is being replaced with a more interactive exchange of ideas inspired by social networking tools.

It adds that these rich capabilities are creating new business models for some companies and empowering new strategies for others; removing the traditional barriers of walls, wires, time and distance that are reflective of today’s often globally dispersed enterprises in favour of new social networking tools.

And the analyst community is lending its support too.


In its round up what may happen in 2009, market researcher Ovum concurs about the potential for Enterprise 2.0 describing it as being about enabling stakeholders to affect services and offerings and achieve more meaningful business-driven interactions between people and systems through community collaboration, sharing and “debating” of ideas, concepts, services and products.


But before it disappears in a welter of management speak, Ovum thankfully and usefully reins itself in posing the (unanswered) question that even if Enterprise 2.0 sounds great from a philosophical perspective, how is it going to deliver business benefits to the adopters of such technologies?


Answering this is going to be the difference between heading at warp speed for  a potentially costly and unfounded good idea at te time and something that is of use to the business,. And let’s face it, the last thing companies can afford in 2009 is employees buggering around on social networking sites, when they should be , err, working…


That’s illogical Captain .