The power of the blogger


Yesterday was a big day in politics. Yes Peter Hain finally resigned and yes Guido Fawkes got his man. So, maybe for the first time in British politics, a blogger can claim to have exposed an MP’s failings and contributed to his downfall.

Guido Fawkes broke the news of Hain’s resignation ahead of Sky News – which is impressive, but he also broke the donor scandal in the first place.

Why am I happy about this? Well I’m pleased that the real power of bloggers is being recognised – Guido was on Newsnight last night. But I’m also pleased because at we are placing a lot of emphasis on blogging.

This week two of our bloggers posted live from conferences – Ian White at Lotusphere and JP Kamath at Cisco’s Networkers 2008 – providing great content that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to share until a conference report was written for Computer Weekly.

We will continue to grow’s blogging and bloggers – we have 12 blogs on Computer Weekly now – expect more as the year goes by.