Social optimisation will overtake search optimisation in driving traffic to websites

So two things that have been said so far at today’s of Association of Online Publishers conference that really resonate with technology and making online media profitable are:

Firstly social optimisation will overtake search optimisation in terms of driving traffic to websites: Good news for social media experts/consultants and there is no shortage of these. Just check the twitter profiles of your followers.

Secondly, that media companies that use technology as revenue generator rather than a cost centre are the winners. A good example from Shawn Colo of Demand Media he said was the San Fransisco chronicle, which has used technology to drive bigger audiences.

Demand Media is an interesting case study in new media publishers that have really grabbed the opportunities of online publishing and grown exponentially.

One interesting point, also made by Shawn, was that you can still make money out of good, evergreen content, and that this will generate a longer return on investment than buying traffic through SEM.

This content must be quality and not commodity, ie not based exclusively on news, and helps people make decisions to problems they have. The great thing is that if these problems don’t go away, so the traffic keeps coming back for the answers.