If you didn't know already Bill Gates is stepping down today

So Bill Gates’s is spending his last day in his office today before stepping down at the head of Microsoft – lets hope he remembers to shut his Windows! I know poor a very gag.

You have to be impressed by the media interest in this story if nothing else. It was the second item on Radio 4’s Today programme news headlines this morning and it has been plastered all over the internet ever since Bill anounced he was to step down.

The irony of this, I guess, is that Bill Gates’s would probably happily swap his online popularity as a story himself, if the company he founded 25 years ago, could get a share of online revenues and business.

ComputerWeekly.com has devoted a share of its coverage to the story too… and if you want a really informed view of Bill Gates’s legacy and the future challenges for Microsoft, then our two part video with the Guardian’s Jack Scofield is a good place to start.

This is also a good article from PC World on the challenges facing Microsoft in the future.

ComputerWeekly has also pulled together a great round-up called Goodbye, Bill Gates: Essential Guide and Video Round-up.

Talking of fond farewells, it is a year ago today that Tony Blair left Downing Street and his successor, the former “Iron Chancellor” Gordon Brown took over. I couldn’t resist adding this video clip from YouTube of a youngster, who pines for the return of Blair.

Some say that Tony Blair was a lucky politician. He certainly couldn’t have timed his exit any better what with the credit crunch, fuel prices escalating and the serious challenges facing the UK economy. I bet Tony Blair would argue that successful people are lucky, just like sportsman always say that you make your own luck!