Google Chrome - world domination or an open platform

Wow, the cat is out of the bag. Google will launch a new open source browser soon in beta and its to be called Google Chrome.

The news was actually leaked on Google Blogoscoped, who found a comic book in his email that explained the whole project. The comic book is significant as it was drawn by Scott McCloud who is the creator of the classic Understanding Comics and his drawings make the narrative bearable.

One thing is for sure, Google has promised it will be fast, and as they normally build things well, I reckon they will be right. It will have tabs, but each tab will operate independently, when one doesn’t work it doesn’t affect the others you have operating, it just becomes a sad tab… (perhaps another new piece of language from Google).

So who will this move affect most – guess IE is in the firing line, as is Apple’s Safari…

But can it get a foothold fast? It has taken Firefox a long while to gain its significant minority share, but then Firefox doesn’t have the Google brand.

My guess is it will dominate the browser space and will have made significant inroads by this time next year. So if you run a corporate IT network, how long will it be before you let your staff have access to Chrome? 

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Understanding Comics offered the best insight into using words and pictures to communicate since, well, Words and Pictures (anyone else remember Wordy?)... It was the first thing I read from the reading list for my Diploma in New Media Management way back when. I always liked to pick the least-relevant sounding title, just to be awkward... Plus it looked most fun. It was, but it was also thought-provoking in a way I hadn't expected. The second thing I read on the list was Donald Norman's The Design of Everyday Things. Though they're from quite different backgrounds, both are pretty inspirational authors if you're in the business of thinking about online usability - or any kind of user-interface design... (Would that I could apply all that insight with a simple click of the fingers...)
All Browsers are presently Pants as Bart Simpson would say - but heck what do I know I just want better yet/still ! Take no notice of me I am just a Loony tunes with my cartoon characters in mind so may have ulterior motives!