Computer Weekly's most read stories

The weekly list of what was hot on the site last week. So what were your peers looking at?

Topping the weekly chart was our story “IT is boring say graduates“, which was by a long distance the most popular story on the site. It also provoked lots of comments on Slashdot.

Coming in at number two was a semi-related story that broke the same day about IT staff being wasted on non-strategic “chores”

Number three was our take on Bill Gates’s stepping down from Microsoft. We asked IT managers to tell us what they thought Bill Gates’s had done for them?

Next on the list was a security risk take on the new internet domains story that was in the news last week, following ICANN’s decision to allow new domain names.

At number five was news that Fujitsu could cut 700 jobs after quitting NHSNational Programme for IT.

If you have any comments about these stories – likes or dislikes please let us know by emailing or posting a comment.