Are you ready to deliver the IT economy?

Undoubtedly the most popular phrase in the current media lexicon is “double-dip”, suffixed of course with “recession”, “downturn” or “crash”. Perhaps if enough people use the term often enough it might actually happen, and then we can all blame the bankers and politicians again.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have to get on with our jobs and cope with the everyday ups and downs of the economy regardless of how many dips we have.

Here at Computer Weekly, we believe that those of you working in IT are in a unique position at the moment: no matter what sort of recovery we experience, or how deep the public sector spending cuts, IT professionals will be critically involved in delivering on ¬every decision made, for good or ill.

We are on the verge of an IT economy – one where every business and every public service is dependent on technology and, in particular, on the skills of IT professionals to succeed.

Whatever shape the recovery takes, one thing is for sure – IT will be at its heart.

But is the UK IT community ready and able to deliver? Without the right leadership, we fear it may not be. As last month’s school exam results show, technology may be trendier than ever, but it is an increasingly unpopular subject to study. Without a new generation of IT professionals we risk missing a huge opportunity for the profession – or at least we end up outsourcing the problem overseas.

Over the next three months, our Building the IT Economy campaign aims to help IT managers identify some of the tools, technologies and techniques that will help ensure their place in the future of the UK economy. We also want to hear your views through our online debates at In particular, we want to identify the leaders that will make it happen – the role models we need to enthuse a new generation and influence the existing one.

See here for all the details, and tell us what you think about the future of the IT economy.