What do you want from a printer - one that works ?

Printing_Quocirca.jpg Source: Quocirca

Printing may not be the most exciting activity in IT but as every CIO knows when the printers don’t work you get to hear about it pretty quickly.

Phil Pavitt, CIO of the HM Customs and Revenue is a shrewd operator. When he wanted to convince the board of HMRC to renegotiate the department’s £200m contract with Cap Gemini, he needed to needed to win their trust quickly.

How did he do it ? He made sure the department’s printers were working properly.

For the people running printing, reliability is just as important as for the people using printers. Low maintenance costs are their number one priority, according to this survey by analyst group Quocirca. Thats closely followed by the ability to understand how printers are being used, and low energy consumption,

You can find out more in their report on energy efficient managed print services here.