eTick - eTock

With (as I write this) a little over 24 hours until the UK General Election results start coming through, I have been caused to wonder about a number of things;


a) Will the pundits and pollsters be accurate? – I just can’t make up my mind – I am sort of excited to see how close or how far they are from reality


b) If they are close then the politcal wrangling will be of a level not seen before in the the UK, I suspect the ‘net will go into melt down


c) If they are wide of the mark we will have endless analysis of either why they are so innacuate or why the British public is so fickle


d) If polls are close and we do end up with a ‘hung’ / ‘balanced’ / ‘dysfunctional’ (delete as applicable) parliament then he tffect will br that the drive towards some form of PR becomes unstoppable.


And if (d) comes true it will be like living in Belgium – without the beer and chips