View from the bottom

I’ve sort of fallen off the wagon. Once you stop blogging its sort of hard to start again but here goes:

For the last two and a half years I have been working at Microsoft, almost entirely outside of the UK. For an old Lotus Notes guy this may seem a bit heretical but in fact our technology today, to my mind, is more aligned to the vision of collaboration that Notes and Domino promised but on the whole failed to deliver to a broad market.
I am not blogging here to promote MS or the products I care about ( Microsoft Enterprise Project Management and Visio for the record) we do that very effectively elsewhere but I do spend a large part of most working days talking to customers and partners and funnily enough we often end up often focussing on Collaboration, Process Management, Resource Management and Dashboards.
Whether in Finland, Belgium or Portugal (or nine other countries), talking to public sector or commercial organisations getting a grip on the above structural issues often form part of my daily discussions.
Where do we start?‘ I am frequently asked. Frankly I am no longer surprised at the question because the answer to me is self-evident: ‘ From where you are now’
This might seem a little unhelpful but the fact is, most organisations are doing projects on a stand-alone basis or creating (on some file share or storage area) process diagrams or such like and need to bring current practise into a controlled, collaborative environment.
In my view the progression is often best characterised as ‘how do we easily accommodate todays bad practise and evolve it into best of breed’ as often introducing grand new systems fails. Managing massive business change however well planned is incredibly hard to deliver.
I am lucky, the tool-set we offer today at MS really supports evolutionary change (if you want a revolution go ahead but I for one am not joining) and therefore we can today deliver on the promise. Proving and delivering the technological promise is frankly only the beginning. Its these issues I face daily that I am going to focus on in future posts.
Over the coming weeks and into the future I will examine the differences between Project Management, Managing of Project, Enterprise Project Management and Business Data-driven graphics.
Yes, it will be through the prism of the MS eyes I wear now but it will also be my views and not those of MS. I am not a blog regurgitation machine.
As ever I am interested in your views and if we can enter some dialogue it would be great.