US wins the the first gold medal for 'spinning'

thumb_white.gifWeb coverage of the Olympics has been briliiant, country after country broadcast and sports websites have unparalleled coverage of the games as a whole and their particular country in particular. 

I have (once again) to thank Volker in Germany for having brought to my attention to an amazingly intersting phenomenom. As of today this shows itself as the US appearing to to lie first in the Olympic tables – thanks to NBC / CNN / et al unusual ordering of the medals table by medal total. This is at odds to the way the rest of the world sorts results – typically by gold, silver and the bronze.
Reuters has an intersting blog post on this practise, however the power of the web now means these sort of cultural  / poliical oddities which would not have been noticed in the past except by a few have the whole world reacting. 
It does not do America any favours spinning the results this way but it does illustrate that ‘truth’ is a variable in many instances. 
For a real(ish) indication of who is doing best on a per capita basis check out for a great sortable table putting in one instance North Korea at the top of the list !

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