IBM Mainframes - the Tardis has come to life

thumb_white.gifI noticed this article the other day reporting on how IBM is promoting the mainframes as super-efficient Linux servers for the lean, green and energy conscious 21st century.

Considering the heritage of ‘big iron’ it feels like the then monstrously powerful boxes of the early 60s may have found a new ‘regeneration’ in the current epoch. 
My mind is easily transported to around the same time (of the first S/360) when as a small boy I watched the first episode of Doctor Who on a dark November evening. If the Doctor can save the Earth why not IBM?
These thoughts got me wondering as to what operating system the Tardis uses? It

might be tough getting patches with the ‘Redmond’ of the Universe, Gallifrey, destroyed in the time wars? 

What is that I can hear, some nasty box with flashing lights screaming ‘in-validate in-validate’!
Got to run

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