Family 2.5

My offspring is travelling the far east right now and will be for almost three months. Apart from the amazing reduction in food bills it rather quiet around here. An interesting side effect is that when (a) she is able to and (b) can be bothered we see / speak fairly regularly on Skype.

So from Bangkok, River Kwai, Phnom Pen and most recently Ho Chi Min City (Saigon to my generation) we have had long detailed conversations with her. So far so good. When this is coupled with Facebook entries, her STA travel blog and picture gallery the result is we are communicating in more detail than when she is living at home!
So the plan is come September when I want to know what she is up to or been doing I will Skype here from my home office to her bedroom. You never know I may get more that a ‘whatever’ !
Progress, eh