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  • WWW at 30: the worldwide swamp

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 19 Feb 2019
  • Next month will be the 30th anniversary of the world wide web. In 1989, who would have thought the web would touch every aspect of people’s lives - not only in a good way but also in ways that seem ...

  • GE Digital addendum

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 13 Feb 2019
  • The term “digital” is only referenced twice, in the 87 minutes of GE’s Q4 2018 earnings call that took place at the end of January. In a transcript of the call, posted on the Seeking Alpha ...

  • IT misaligned with business' appetite for data

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 08 Feb 2019
  • A recent pop event at Lloyds Bank in London hosted by DominoData has highlighted one of the age-old ailments of IT. It is the illness of being misaligned with the business. The latest example of ...

  • AI keeps seeing average people

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 29 Jan 2019
  • There is a mantra in technology that if a program is fed bad data, it will produce bad results. The same is true of AI. The quality of a machine learning application is directly related to the ...

  • Windows 7: Don't expect Microsoft to handle all Windows 10 issues

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 24 Jan 2019
  • It does not seem that long ago that IT departments were battling with upgrading PCs from Windows XP to Windows 7, as Microsoft finally pulled the plug for support on the legacy operating system. ...

  • AWS mixes toxic cocktail for open source

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 15 Jan 2019
  • There is currently a crisis unfolding in the open source world, with a number of companies changing their licensing to protect revenue. This has arisen due to a potentially toxic situation where ...

  • CIOs need to nurture raw IT talent to power the future economy

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 18 Aug 2014
  • Each year, with the publication of A-level results, hundreds of thousands of school leavers embark on a journey that ultimately fuels the talent pool feeding the UK economy. Some argue that a ...

  • Blame the Poisson

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 25 Jun 2014
  • I recently met Mark Rodbert, CEO of Idax Software, who has an interesting theory on statistics. We often see the 'Normal' bell-shaped distribution - where the top of the bell represents the most ...

  • Web-scale IT shows what technology can achieve

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 20 May 2014
  • English: A Netflix envelope picture taken by BlueMint. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Looking at web companies such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook or NetFlix, it is hard not to be impressed by the scale of ...

  • Big data technology has its work cut out to harness web analytics

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 16 May 2014
  • English: eBay Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)What can we learn from companies such as eBay and Amazon? These internet businesses are at the cutting edge of technology.The recent Gartner CRM summit ...

  • Will Microsoft pursue a single Windows kernel?

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 14 Jan 2014
  • During the Build developer's conference in April, Microsoft is expected to reveal more details of a future version of Windows codenamed Threshold.Rumours on the web suggest that Threshold could ...

  • Windows 8.1: Start failure

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 21 Oct 2013
  • It has been a while since my last post. Today I spent the last few hours updating Windows 8 and I thought I'd share my experiences.Window 8.1 is the free update to Windows 8, which supposedly fixes ...