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  • Rethink IT

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 11 Oct 2011
  • I recently met up with Dave Aron a Gartner Fellow in the CIO research group, to talk about the future role of the CIO. Aron believes CIOs need to rethink what the role of IT should be in their ...

  • IT Disputes - Spotting them Early and Resolving Them Quickly

    Jimmy Desai 26 Sep 2011
  • You might say that you can spot an IT dispute as soon as you see a few emails from your IT supplier to you (the Customer) demanding payment (or some other remedy). You, the Customer, may not being ...

  • What to Watch Out for When Migrating to Office 365

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 22 Sep 2011
  • ...doing a 'spring clean' and deleting unused or old files and archiving records at the outset will avoid wasted time spent migrating unnecessary data. This also has cost implications, as without ...