Oracle tight-lipped on eBusiness Suite support fee hike

For the last three weeks a colleague on Computer Weekly has been trying to get a straight answer from Oracle on price changes to support and maintenance, which will affect organisations that wish to use the yet to be released Oracle’s Fusion Applications suite.

Some people using eBusiness Suite 11 have delayed upgrading to eBusiness Suite 12 as Fusion is due out this year. But Fusion is still not available and eBusiness Suite 11 goes into Extended Support in November, which will increase support fees.

We asked Oracle representatives about whether it would waiver the Extended Support fee for eBusiness Suite 11, licensing, general availability (GA) and UK pricing of Fusion. They came back with the following:

GA is still under review but we have a very positive EAP roll out. We will provide out-of-the-box language capability for eight languages… Prices are global and available online.  We have a  localizable price list that reflects prices in local currencies based on appropriate exchange rates.  I appreciate these statements don’t answer your questions, but it’s all we have at the moment I’m afraid!

Software maintenance revenue last year made up over 40% of Oracle’s business. The company has been aggressively clamping down on third-party support (especially for Sun products).

It is now set to force those eBusiness Suite users who couldn’t buy Fusion, since it isn’t available, to pay extended support fees or upgrade to eBusiness Suite 12. And they have to make a decision before they have had a chance to assess the shipping version of Fusion properly.