Novell Pulse tweets into enterprise collaboration

Novell plans to revolutionise how people will collaborate with files, on any device – rather like what it did over 20 years ago with file sharing on NetWare. It’s called Pulse, and uses a Twitter-like user interface, to get people to collaborate. Users can invite friends and colleagues to follow them and use Pulse to work collaboratively on documents.

Pulse is not the first collaboration tool using a consumer-tech UI. At the launch of Office 2010, on May 12, BT showed a Facbook-like user interface for its collaboration platform.

The metaphor used for Twitter and Facebook for allowing friends to keep in touch with each other, is being adpated for the enterprise. Given that millions of people use Facebook and Twitter, enterprise software developers would be wise to follow the best practices encapsulated on these websites, to build collaboration and social networking into their business applications.

This could be the start of a trend…BT’s internal project and the Novell Pulse application are two examples of web 2.0 UIs for the enterprise.