Facebook: a remedy for spam...

I wonder if Facebook could be used in business? Using the theory of six degrees of separation, it could be used to create a hierarchical network of people you know starting with your friends or primary contacts, the first degree; their friends and contacts, the second degree and so on.

Spam filters today run complex textural analysis based on dictonaires of sexually explicit terms, Viagra, fake Rolexes etc. This blog posting itself may well end up in someone’s junk email basket due to the phrases used in the previous sentence. And that’s the problem: spam filters are prone to “false positives” – where a legitimate message is wrongly identified as spam.

Facebook illustrates how a social network can be built very quickly among people who share common interests. It is not perfect, but with a little work, I think it could form the basis of an Internet-wide address book, allowing friends, colleagues and business associates to exchange email without spam.