Calling Apple: Are you good for business?

An article on Forbes has quoted the latest research from Forrester, which predicts Apple will sell $7 billion worth of Macs and $10 billion of iPads in the enterprise in 2012. Forrester analyst David Johnson believes Macs can make good corporate citizens in Windows-centric environment.

With IT planning to migrations off Windows XP, the roll-out of new MS server products and Office 2013, supporting Macs is probably the last thing IT admins need.

The biggest issue with Apple in the enterprise is how to engage with a company whose primary goal is to entice consumers with shiny gadgets. Apple’s reseller channel certainly does not look like it is growing. Can we honestly expect the Genius Bar to provide a business with an enterprise-class SLA given the Apple Store is consumer focused?

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Hm. With due respect, Cliff, you're assuming "corporate" is the only kind of "business" worth having. Apple has a long history of success in SMEs - and by that I also mean firms that are never likely to evolve into anything larger than SMEs, like creative/design agencies. The latter don't generally bother with formal SLAs, but are very fussy about ease of use, training curves, general reliability and so on. In these areas Apple devices excel (generally speaking). In short, Apple doesn't need the enterprise. Now whether the enterprise needs Apple - in view of the consumerisation of corporate IT environments - is a whole different (and rather intriguing) argument. So far, the answer appears to be "no", but things change so quickly...