What to expect from Splunk .conf 2017

Okay so yes, we’ve heard of so-called digital transformation, whatever that is supposed to mean.

Ah alright then, digital transformation is the movement towards cloud-centric services-driven analytics-empowered mobile-enabled IoT-aware always-on continuously-delivered automation-enriched computing power, right?

If that is so, then exactly who is behind all those layers of the technology stack?

In truth, it’s everybody, every player, every technology protagonist and every firm who seeks to get high on a slice of the new digital-transformation pie.

Machine data specialist Splunk (yes really, it’s a caving reference) thinks that its own particular position and trajectory on the digital transformation vortex is somewhat special. But then doesn’t everybody?

So can Splunk substantiate, validate and  calibrate its claims?

Machine data backbone

Last year at Splunk .conf 2016 the firm claimed that, “Machine data is the backbone of digital transformation,” no less.

Now, a year on, at the eighth staging of this event, Splunk .conf 2017 sees the firm welcome machine data fans to Washington DC to examine issues relating to real time ‘operational intelligence’ (i.e. search, monitoring and analytics functions) from machine-generated big data.

One year on the message is still there, that is – Splunk wants to ‘weave a machine data fabric’ into every aspect of a firm’s business.

What is machine data? This is data created by the activity of computers, mobile phones, embedded systems and other networked devices.

As defined by TechTarget, “Application, server and business process logs, call detail records and sensor data are prime examples of machine data. Internet clickstream data and website activity logs also factor into discussions of machine data.”

Talk tracks

Enough background then, so what can we expect from .conf 2017? We know that Splunk has an (arguably) solid women in technology track, but what else?

In fact, talk tracks include:

  • Business analytics
  • Developing
  • IoT
  • IT Ops
  • Security / Compliance / Fraud
  • Foundations

A whole lotta Splunk

As many as 5000 Splunk Splunker (no, that’s what they call them, honest) are expected to attend Splunk .conf 2017 and the firm promises over 200 technical sessions in total.

Keynote speakers will include: Doug Merritt, president and CEO, Splunk; Nathaniel McKervey, director of technical marketing, Splunk; Billy Beane, exec VP of Baseball Ops for Oakland A’s; and Michael Ibbitson, exec VP for business and technology at Dubai Airports.

The firm promises new T-shirt slogans this year. If anyone can improve on “I like big data and I can not lie” then this could be a good event.

The hashtag for this event is