Microsoft: "committed to resolve current issues" with Hyper-V & OpenStack

Microsoft has been working to “engineer compatibility” between its Hyper-V virtualisation software into the OpenStack open source cloud project since October 2010, but the progress appears to be hitting a few “snags and niggles” at this time.

Definition Note #1: OpenStack seeks to build a ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds. The project is backed by Rackspace, NASA, Citrix, Dell, AMD, Intel and others.

Definition Note #2: Microsoft describes Hyper-V as a provides a virtualisation platform combined with a set of integrated management tools to manage both physical and virtual resources.

Microsoft is reportedly taking the Hyper-V snag in its stride and overcoming the current task at hand in much the same way that it did when the company first submitted Hyper-V drivers to the Linux kernel.

“Microsoft is committed to working with the community to resolve the current issues with Hyper-V and OpenStack,” said the company, in a press statement.

At the time of stating its original intentions in this space back in 2010, Ted MacLean, general manager for the Open Solutions Group at Microsoft said, “Support for Windows Server Hyper-V on OpenStack reinforces Microsoft’s commitment to delivering choice and flexibility to customers in the cloud. Giving customers the option to use Microsoft’s enterprise-ready virtualisation platform, Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V, when they deploy OpenStack as their cloud solution is a win for all.”

Questions now arise as to:

a) how diligently Microsoft is working to get its coding house in order here and…

b) … whether Microsoft is doing this with an eye on real world production environments where it will make money, or whether these efforts largely represent technical maneuverings designed to allow Microsoft to keep pace with Amazon, VMware and others in this space.


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