Is 'knee in the curve' the new paradigm shift?

Can a Twitter interchange and ensuing blog help coin a new technology term?

Computer Weekly Developer Network related tweeting activity this week saw mention of how often we hear new innovation in software application development talked about in terms including:

  • ‘paradigm shifts’,
  • ‘sea-changes’ and,
  • ‘strategic inflexion points’

But Red Monk’s James Governor offered a new term forward that may yet cut a swathe through the marketing materials produced in 2014.

Get ready for ‘knee in the curve’ in 2014.

Governor is well known for championing the cause of innovation and mould-breaking change when it comes to “developers, developers, developers” and is himself the author of a series of blogs and presentations entitled Developers Are The New Kingmakers.

If knee in the curve should be interpreted as the action taken by a MotoGP rider to get ahead faster — and, so, also therefore — the action of any really innovative action in software (and wider business) development, then it is surely a term that fits well…

… or at least it gives us some blessed respite from hearing about paradigm shifts no?