Android Apps get health check assessment

Gosh hasn’t Android been taking a bit of a bashing recently? Flaws in the kernel, unsubstantiated code usage, application defects and imperfections — you name it, it’s been somebody’s beef recently.

But this should not be a surprise surely? With popularity comes exposure and with exposure comes public scrutiny — and Android has been nothing but popular of late has it?

Would vendors take this reality and jump on the opportunity to provide a mobile application assessment program? Software analysis company Cast has used the AnDevCon developers’ conference being held this week in San Francisco to announce plans for a mobile application assessment program that uses Cloud technology to validate a developer’s ability to create structurally sound application software for mobile devices.

The first rollout of the program, due out in Q2 of this year, is expected to begin with developers of applications for the Android line of devices.

red cross.png

“From issues with Android OSs to third-party mobile applications, we’ve seen it all too frequently in practice – poorly constructed business and consumer applications wind up leading to significant issues with mobile devices and the business networks to which they’re connected,” said Lev Lesokhin, Cast vice president of worldwide marketing.

“Because so much of business today is conducted on mobile devices that access enterprise networks, an independent third-party assessment program is needed to ensure that applications being accessed via mobile are safe, structurally sound and efficient. The same holds true for consumer apps, such as games and ads.”

The company says it plans to offer the program as a portal through which software developers will be able examine thousands of lines of code at a time within seconds without having to upload source code to the cloud. The portal will automatically analyse and measure the code and provide feedback on software size and health, based on industry norms, standards and best practices.