IT Professional blogger of the year 2011

Social Media Awards 2011

IT Industry blogger of the year

Suppliers, consultants and analysts provide useful insight from their vantage point of working with numerous companies. If they share that insight online in a blog, this is the category for them, whether they are part of a large organisation or a small business.

In this part:

Andrew Woodward

SharePoint Governance and Innovation is not a combination the SharePoint community is likely to find anywhere else.  Andrew Woodward’s blog brings over 10 years of real world experience with SharePoint, designing enterprise solutions, developing and extending the platform and helping customers  get out of the all-too-common SharePoint chaos.  SharePoint users visit the blog to unpack the challenges they’re facing with SharePoint governance as well as find solutions that fill the gaps that Microsoft invariably fails to acknowledge.  In other words, Andrew helps users define their goals and provides new techniques, feeds back experiences and shares lessons learned to set businesses off on their journey.  Recently, Andrew brought the whole Innovation Games® and Serious Gaming to the SharePoint party to help people change the way they work.

Brian Teeman

Brian is never afraid to speak his mind and can always be relied upon to provide an honest opinion even if it will ruffle a few feathers. Although Brian mainly blogs about Joomla! his views and opinions are equally valid to all web site and Open Source developers.

Capping IT Off

Capgemini's technology blog, Capping IT Off, has reached extraordinary heights. It has been viewed by 60,000 unique visitors so far in 2011, and its growing audience regular exceeds 5,000 a month.

It is a collective effort from 20 regular contributors, all experts in their own fields - indeed, most have been included in the Capgemini Expert Connect channel at

Enterprise architecture matters

Adrian blogged at for the last 5 years consistently, touching most topics related to enterprise architetcure and SOA. He has a no nonsense, concise, informative and slightly humorous style which was repeatedly praised. Adrian always blooged about EA and related topics, never sliding into tempting but unrelated social topics. For this reason he was invited to blog on ebizq at Sometimes blogs are replicated on both sites. to reach wider audience

Kelly’s Contemplation

Kelly's Contemplation is an excellent blog focused on Project Management and Leadership topics.  Its author, Robert Kelly, does a great job of providing technical insight, while peppering in some light hearted fun.  Additionally, the Robert shares the relationships he has developed across the industry to provide insight from other project professionals in the area of Agile, Green PM, etc.

Rich Gibbons - Software Ruminations

A great overview of many asepcts of Microsoft, particularly areas around licensing...with an aim to help keep people up to date and help them make sense of the various options which can make people's daily roles easier - which is always good! Also a variety of other products such as The Cloud, Mobile etc and an accessible writing style.

Kate Craig-Wood

Kate is a multi-award winning technology entrepreneur; the co-founder & managing director of Memset, the UK's leading provider of 'green' dedicated servers & virtual machines. Memset was the UK's first Carbon Neutral ISP, and Kate is a nationally renowned advocate of green IT, energy efficient data centre technologies and cloud/utility computing She is the youngest-ever main board member of Intellect, the UK's high-tech trade association, is the chair of their Climate Change Group, and is also the external relations officer of the BCS Data Centre Specialist Group. In her spare time, she is also currently doing a collaborative PhD with Surrey Uni's Computing Dept. in Cloud Computing & national digital infrastructure.
Kate's comment has become a successful and widely read IT blog, supported by Kate's innovative work in the hosting industry through Memset Ltd.  Advances such as Memset becoming the first British provider to offer virtual servers with dedicated resources in 2002 and in 2010 becoming first UK host to permit customers to mix cloud computing with the more traditional managed hosting allow Kate to produce a truly informative and innovative blog.

Richard Tubb

Richard provides a day by day / blow by blow, approach by sharing his experiences.  Many people already know him in person and he has the clever ability to link digital relationships with people and back again.

Archie Hendryx

1. Real in-depth knowledge based on practical experience of working on major projects both as an end-user and as a vendor.

Archie Hendryx has been in the Information Technology industry and more specifically in the storage and virtualisation field for close to 10 years. He has worked extensively with cross vendor solutions as an instructor, an IT Manager and as an end user as the lead Storage Manager of a large European Telco. He then worked as a vendor neutral technical architect and consultant where he dealt with enterprise clients ranging from Banks, Oil & Gas, Telcos and Stock Exchanges working on projects that consolidated and optimised complex and heterogeneous environments with subsequently increased business resiliency, reduced operational risk and significant ROI improvements for clients.

2. In-depth understanding of subject

Having designed and configured enterprise SAN infrastructures and worked with enterprise data protection, disaster recovery, data migration, server / storage virtualisation and private cloud deployments, Archie has most recently joined the company Virtual Instruments as a Senior Solutions Consultant. Here he has worked with enterprise customers in the financial, retail, and manufacturing sector across EMEA focusing on SAN I/O optimization and the transformation of these IT environments from reactive to proactively optimised infrastructures that have reaped significant CAPEX and OPEX savings.

3. Expert knowledge and popular appeal

Archie was one of the first storage experts to be recognised by SNIA on its Worldwide High Achievers list and has gained industry certification from numerous vendors such as EMC, NetApp, Cisco, VMware as well as Expert status with HDS. This year he also received the vExpert status from his industry peers and VMware for his contribution to the advancements of virtualisation in the IT industry.  Archie is well-known and highly regarded by his colleagues and peers.

4. Accessible blogger

While extremely valuable in content, Archie’s blogging style is readily accessible, making him a well-respected blogger in the storage field.  As such he is a regular contributor to the UK technology site ZDNET  with his popular “The SANMAN” column as well as having many of his articles and blogs published on the US sites SysCon Media and IT Toolbox.