Essential Guide

A guide to threat management

This is a CIOs guide to threat management.


This is a CIOs guide to unified threat management. Find out about unified threat management, cyber security, the lack of skills in the area and threat intelligence services.

Threat management: Essential guide (PDF)


Unified threat management


Finding clarity: Unified threat management systems vs. next-gen firewalls

The line between unified threat management systems and next-gen firewalls has grown increasingly unclear. Here, learn more about UTM vs. NGFW and choose the right technology for your enterprise. Continue Reading


Introduction to unified threat management appliances

Expert Ed Tittel describes unified threat management (UTM) appliances and features, and explains its advantages to organizations of all sizes. Continue Reading


Buying security: Unified threat management, or UTM, products

Looking for an enterprise unified threat management (UTM) product? Expert David Strom offers UTM buying guidance on features, functions and price. Continue Reading


Cyber security threat management


Security pros must look out for IoT threats, says GE CISO

Security threats from the IoT have yet to reach wide public perception, says Hanns Proenen, chief information security officer at GE Europe Continue Reading


Advanced threats are the new baseline, says Websense

Enterprises must recognise that more cyber criminals are capable of launching advanced attacks due to the emergence of the malware-as-a-service business model, according to security firm Websense. Continue Reading


Linking threat modelling and risk analysis key to cyber security

Organisations that link threat modelling and risk analysis will have a much better understanding of the cyber risks they face, according to Wim Remes Continue Reading


Know your cyber enemy inside and out

Is there a different approach that can help stem the tide of cyber threats? Look to Sun Tzu's “Art of War”, writes Matt White Continue Reading

3Skills gap-

Threat management skills


Infosec taking the strain as threats evolve and skills gap widens

Organisations are increasingly struggling to manage threats, according to (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study Continue Reading


Cyber security boot camp launched to boost skills

Sans Cyber Academy unveils eight-week security boot camp after businesses demand more cyber security specialists Continue Reading