Essential Guide

Essential guide to disaster recovery and business continuity

Everything you need to know about business continuity and disaster recovery, planning and prevention.


Planning for business continuity and disaster recovery can be a real challenge, so we have pulled this guide together to make things a bit easier for you.

This guide includes everything you need to know about planning or recovering from a disaster/unexpected event, to ensure you resume operations quickly without too much disruption or none at all.

In this guide you will find information on business continuity and disaster recovery management, storage and servers, networking, security, facilities and templates.

Disaster recovery and business continuity: Essential guide (PDF)

1Management -

Good planning and management are key for business continuity and disaster recovery success

Everything you need to know about the management of your business continuity and disaster recovery plan.


Disaster recovery: Risk assessment and business impact analysis

Disaster recovery: Risk assessment and business impact analysis are key stages in disaster recovery planning, but where do they fit into the DR planning process? Continue Reading


Disaster recovery training and staffing strategies

Independent disaster recovery expert Paul Kirvan discusses staffing and training strategies for disaster recovery in this Expert Answer. Continue Reading


Disaster recovery awareness and testing require training, strategic plans

After you develop DR plans, disaster recovery awareness and testing strategies ensure the plan works and that everyone knows their role within it. Continue Reading


Coming up with a new configuration and change management plan

That old configuration and change management plan was unwieldy and out of reach, but the need for having one hasn't gone away. Continue Reading


Evaluating BC/DR program performance

Business continuity and disaster recovery are not "set-it-and-forget-it" activities. Paul Kirvan outlines how to evaluate a BC/DR program in this tip. Continue Reading

2Storage and servers-

Recent storage and server developments ease BC/DR planning

Everything you need to know about storage and servers for business continuity and disaster recovery planning.


Asigra cloud backup software switches to recovery-based licensing

Asigra develops 'novel concept' for licensing cloud backup software -- it charges customers according to how much data they restore. Continue Reading


Where and how to use data deduplication technology in disk-based backup

The data deduplication market is getting crowded and confusing. Avoid trouble by knowing where and how to use data deduplication. Continue Reading


Tips on selecting BC/DR software

When launching business continuity and disaster recovery initiatives, consider using specialized BC/DR software to help you achieve those goals. Continue Reading


Snapshot and backup technologies converging

Jason Buffington of ESG discusses the integration of snapshot and backup technologies in this Expert Response. Continue Reading


SRM replication choices: vSphere Replication vs. storage replication

VMware's disaster recovery manager SRM has two replication options: via the hypervisor or via storage. The choice involves scalability and cost. Continue Reading


Virtual server value still outweighs virtual storage

Storage admins and vendors say they want virtual storage to act more like virtual machines, but is that possible? Continue Reading


Storage for virtual environments: Storage management best practices

Expert David Davis explains how storage administrators can avoid some common obstacles in managing storage for a virtual environment. Continue Reading


SMEs see the benefits of cloud disaster recovery

Cloud disaster recovery cuts costs and puts effective DR provision within reach of SMEs. We talk to two SMEs that opted for it Continue Reading


Security an important part of BC/DR planning

Everything you need to know about security for business continuity and disaster recovery planning.


Data security and backup encryption remain critical

Listen to our podcast on making sure your organization’s data is secure and that you have adequate backup encryption for your critical information. Continue Reading


Manage identity and access to improve business processes

Streamlining identity and access management is essential to exploiting your organisation’s assets and employees’ productivity. Continue Reading


Protecting Intellectual Property: Best Practices

Organizations need to implement best practices to protect their trade secrets from both internal and external threats. Continue Reading


Network disaster recovery planning and building resilient networks

Everything you need to know about networking for business continuity and disaster recovery planning.


Veeam adds WAN acceleration to virtual machine backup product

Virtual machine backup specialist Veeam has added WAN acceleration, storage array snapshots and other features to version 7 of its Backup & Replication virtual machine backup product Continue Reading


Developing technology scenarios for BC/DR exercise planning

The most effective BC/DR exercise plans begin with choosing disaster scenarios for technology issues, particularly IT-focused ones. Continue Reading


Heineken rolls out new communications network

Heineken plans to link 60,000 employees across 53 countries using a secure private network from Orange Business Services Continue Reading


BC/DR planning considerations for facilities

Everything you need to know about facilities for business continuity and disaster recovery planning.


Evaluating emergency power supply options

Independent disaster recovery consultant Paul Kirvan discusses what you should consider when evaluating emergency power supply options. Continue Reading


FM-200 systems: What data centre managers need to know

Get the lowdown on using FM-200 systems for data center fire suppression, and whether or not they're a good choice for your company. Continue Reading


Disaster recovery case study: Preventing runaway costs

In this disaster recovery case study, one company details how it kept costs low while building a dependable backup system for its data centers. Continue Reading


Business continuity/disaster recovery planning templates

Everything you need to know about templates for business continuity and disaster recovery planning.


Building staff-related disaster scenarios for BC/DR exercise planning

Develop effective staff-related disaster scenarios in your BC/DR exercise planning by focusing on the sudden loss of more than one key person. Continue Reading


A guide to creating a business impact analysis for business continuity planning purposes

A business impact analysis (BIA) is an important part of your business continuity plan. Learn how to create a business impact analysis in our top five tips collection. Continue Reading


IT risk assessment methodology guide for disaster recovery planners

In our IT risk assessment methodology guide, learn about how to perform a risk assessment and why it's an important part of disaster recovery planning. Continue Reading


Law firm gets EMC unified storage for effective disaster recovery

Surrey law firm TWM builds VMware virtualised infrastructure with EMC VNX unified storage to enable disaster recovery best practice Continue Reading


Developing an emergency communications plan: A template for business continuity planners

Effectively communicating information in a crisis is an important part of business continuity planning. Get the steps to follow in our emergency communication plan template. Continue Reading

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