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Essential Guide: Technology readiness for the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis


As the world reacts to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, businesses and governments are becoming increasingly reliant on technology to support citizens and workers forced to self-isolate or quarantine to mitigate the spread of the virus. Remote working and collaboration tools have become essential systems, with new demands placed on networks and datacentre infrastructure. As corporate networks extend beyond the firewall, security remains an ever-present concern, especially as malicious actors look to exploit fears over the pandemic.

For every organisation involved in dealing with the crisis, digital systems have become an absolute lifeline - and for health services, the way they use tech can more than ever be the difference between life and death.

In this essential guide, we examine the best practice advice for IT leaders and IT departments to ensure readiness during the pandemic. We look at the challenges for IT infrastructure, and find out how companies and governments around the world are reacting.

1Remote working-

Remote working during the crisis

With restrictions on individual movement being introduced in countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic, staff are routinely working from home and need the right tools to support them


Coronavirus: How to implement safe and secure remote working

Find out what CIOs and CISOs need to know to enable their end-users to work remotely and stay secure during the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis, and learn how users can help themselves Continue Reading


Covid-19: Three steps to remote working effectiveness

Staff are going to have to work from home, if they can, for the foreseeable future. We look at steps to ensure they remain fit and productive Continue Reading


Covid-19: Three technology areas that CIOs must address

CIOs will need to consider the IT measures that will be needed to support their organisations as the government ramps up its response to the coronavirus Continue Reading


Security Think Tank: To tackle Covid-19, be prepared, flexible and resilient

In our globalised world, high-profile events such as Covid-19 have huge business impacts, some of which may be felt by CISOs. What responsibilities do security professionals have in such circumstances? Continue Reading


Cyber security and the coronavirus crisis

As staff work remotely, corporate networks must extend security beyond the firewall - and protect from malicious actors looking to take advantage of pandemic fears


Coronavirus now possibly largest-ever cyber security threat

The cumulative volume of coronavirus-related email lures and other threats is the largest collection of attack types exploiting a single theme for years, possibly ever Continue Reading


Security Think Tank: A guide to security best practice for pandemics

In our globalised world, high-profile events such as Covid-19 have huge business impacts, some of which may be felt by CISOs. What responsibilities do security professionals have in such circumstances? Continue Reading


Covid-19: NCSC issues secure remote working guidance

With hundreds of thousands likely to be working remotely for some time, the UK’s NCSC has issued best practice guidance to enable security teams to support them Continue Reading


Coronavirus-linked hacks likely as Czech hospital comes under attack

The world of cyber security is on high alert to heightened vulnerabilities as the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus changes daily life across Europe Continue Reading


Preparing IT infrastructure

The coronavirus pandemic is placing new demands on IT infrastructure, especially networks and datacentres, as business goes online and employees increasingly connect over the internet to corporate systems


Coronavirus: Can the networks take the strain?

It was predicted that the mass roll-out of computer networks would mean at some point that there was no difference between work and home as a working location. These assumptions are about to be tested to the full Continue Reading


Covid-19: Uptime Institute advises operators to suspend non-essential datacentre projects

Datacentre resiliency think-tank issues 18-page guidance to help operators protect staff during the coronavirus pandemic while keeping their facilities ticking over Continue Reading


Tech stocks tumble as Apple admits coronavirus will affect iPhone production volumes

Apple does not expect to meet the revenue guidance previously provided for the March quarter as virus crisis hits production volumes and Chinese demand Continue Reading


Microsoft and Google join forces on Covid-19 dataset

Data scientists and researchers are being encouraged to use data mining, artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain insights into the coronavirus pandemic Continue Reading

4Health service technology-

Health service response

Health services - such as the NHS in the UK - are under greater pressure than ever before from the coronavirus pandemic. The technology they use is critical, and it often needs to be adapted to these extreme circumstances


Covid-19: NHS tackles coronavirus crisis with the help of tech

As the pandemic grows and creates enormous pressure on the health service, NHS organisations across the country are using technology to help cope Continue Reading


Coronavirus readiness: Three technology-led steps the NHS is taking

With the risk of the Covid-19 virus spreading, NHS Digital has needed to make rapid changes to its 111 service Continue Reading


CIO interview: Sarah Wilkinson, NHS Digital

NHS Digital has been racing to ensure the systems and protocols are in place to prepare the health service for the coronavirus. We speak to its CEO about the preparations Continue Reading


Coronavirus: NHS to roll out Microsoft Teams to hospitals

Secure, cloud-based Microsoft collaboration tool Teams will be made available across the NHS, even those hospitals not on NHSMail Continue Reading

5Management response-

Business and government respond to coronavirus

Governments and businesses are using technology to adapt the ways they work to respond to the coronavirus pandemic


Estonia offers digital tools to countries struggling with coronavirus school closures

Government and tech companies in Baltic state unite to offer advanced digital learning tools to other countries Continue Reading


Push for digitisation in Malaysia amid coronavirus crisis

Event cancellations and travel bans are spurring more companies to embrace digital tools to support remote and flexible working arrangements Continue Reading


Ocado pulls website amid coronavirus shopping frenzy

Ocado has closed its website and will not take any new orders for several days thanks to sheer volume of traffic Continue Reading


Courts make use of tech to hold remote hearings due to Covid-19

The Courts and Tribunals Judiciary will increase the use of technology in court proceedings as emergency legislation is being drafted to expand powers to allow criminal courts to hold remote hearings during the Covid-19 pandemic Continue Reading


Amazon to recruit 100,000 extra workers to cope with coronavirus-induced online shopping surge

Online retailer plans to focus its recruitment drive on providing jobs to hospitality and service industry workers who are out of work as coronavirus prompts city-wide shutdowns across the US Continue Reading

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