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Essential guide to laptop, desktop PC and mobile device strategy

The latest trends and advice on enterprise laptop, desktop PC and mobile strategy


IT leaders have greater choice in end-user devices than ever before. The age of PC-only users is over - employees demand the devices that work best for the way they work, and that means getting the right combination of laptop, desktop PC and mobile devices. But strategy is not only about choosing devices - security is a top priority, as is an awareness of the emerging innovations in this fast-moving area of technology. In this guide, you can find best practice, analysis of the latest trends, and expert advice on formulating enterprise strategy in laptops, desktop PCs and mobile devices.

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1Choose the right device-

End-user devices in the enterprise

IT leaders need to analyse the issues around user devices to get the right mix of laptop, desktop and mobile


Rebooting desktop IT

Following years of decline, the PC industry is being reset. Windows 10 and an evolving range of PC devices are refining the user computing landscape Continue Reading


End user devices require careful orchestration

Options for access to IT have soared since the desktop PC’s heyday, and organisations must conduct a balancing act Continue Reading


Can tablets replace laptops in the enterprise?

They're smaller, lighter, more portable and can do just about everything that laptops can do. But enterprise tablets haven't replaced PCs -- at least not yet. Continue Reading


The best desktop strategy: Forget the desktop

Before licensing and rolling out an updated operating system, it may be time to revise your IT estate Continue Reading


Enterprise mobility strategy

Your choice of end-user device must fit into an overall mobility strategy for how to make best use of mobile working and mobile technology to enhance productivity

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Durable and circular for more a sustainable mobile device strategy

Consumerisation of mobile technology has had many benefits. It has driven down the prices of devices, improved the user experience to the benefit of non-technical users. Plus, awareness and ... Continue Reading

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Mobile devices at work - a more sustainable approach

Mobile devices put access to IT right into the hands of people while they are out and about performing their work tasks. For many this is not just about 'being in touch' or getting access to useful ... Continue Reading


Businesses need to equip staff with the tools to do the job

Workforces will become frustrated if they do not have the technology they need to deliver what their organisation wants Continue Reading


Mobile connectivity still costing businesses billions

Despite efforts to bring down the cost of mobile connectivity for business users, a report from iPass shows business travellers are incurring hundreds of pounds of charges every month Continue Reading


How IT can assure mobile employee productivity

Going mobile is an essential step for companies to take. Managers should encourage positive attitudes and set up a mobile employee for success. Continue Reading


Innovation in mobile and desktop technology

Take a look at the latest developments and innovations in end-user devices and the business issues driving emerging mobile technologies


What will office desktop computing look like in 2020?

Over the next five years, IT departments will increasingly support a highly heterogeneous computing environment Continue Reading


Deloitte predicts major advances in mobile technology in 2017

Deloitte’s 16th TMT Predictions report highlights advances in mobile networking and device technology Continue Reading


Artificial intelligence to drive mobile innovation, says GSMA

The GSMA’s inaugural Global Mobile Trends report predicts that artificial intelligence will soon emerge as a catalyst for development of mobile technology Continue Reading


Turn consumer technology into practical business innovation

Many organisations are missing out on the opportunities for innovating presented by everyday consumer technology Continue Reading

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Growth of mobile-owning individuals drives need for innovation

Small form factor smartphones combined with high-speed wireless networks are changing the way emerging economies operate. It is time for commercial, government and NGO entities to change the ways ... Continue Reading


Mobile security

Security remains a top priority for any aspect of IT strategy, and the use of portable end-user devices presents a particular risk to organisations


Top mobile security threats IT needs to know about

With mobile devices on the rise in the workplace, it is imperative to know the top security threats these devices bring with them, plus how to prevent breaches from happening. Continue Reading


Mobile security issues and solutions

Mobile technology usage is growing just as the number of threats facing mobile data is growing. CIOs must combat mobile security issues to stay ahead in the mobile-dominated world. Continue Reading

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Mobile security is top priority for 2017

With the rise of multifactor authentication and updates to Apple iOS security, there is a lot to look forward to next year. Four experts gaze into the enterprise mobility crystal ball. Patrick ... Continue Reading


Four mobile security tips to keep in mind

When it comes to mobile security, there is no one way to do things, but there are best practices to follow. A multi-tiered approach is a great place to start. Continue Reading