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Information security in 2022 – managing constant change


It’s been an unprecedented couple of years for everyone – but a particularly frantic one for cyber security leaders. The pandemic led to a huge rise in remote working, with all the extra risks involved in putting users outside the corporate perimeter. The home environment then became a new attack vector, and as a result there was a huge increase in ransomware, affecting individuals and enterprises. And then, just as lockdowns started to ease, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brought new nation-state threats that may yet become even more serious.

For chief information security officers (CISOs), managing constant change and emerging threats is becoming the norm. In this essential guide to information security in 2022, we examine the key strategies, latest innovations and leadership insights – and highlight the importance of collaboration across the cyber community to keep everyone secure.


Key strategies


How to manage endpoint security in a hybrid work environment

The future of the workplace is clearly hybrid, but this has untold implications around endpoint security. How can businesses overcome these? Continue Reading


Revised scope of UK security strategy reflects digitised society

The omission of the word ‘security’ from the title of the UK government’s new National Cyber Strategy is a telling one, reflecting our increasingly digitised society, say Maximillian Brook and Arunoshi Singh of the ISF. Continue Reading


One-third of UK firms suffer a cyber attack every week

New statistics from the annual DCMS Cyber security breaches survey reveal the extent and frequency with which UK organisations are being attacked by malicious actors. Continue Reading


Zero-trust to soar in 2022, but dogged by implementation challenges

IT leaders are keen to invest in zero-trust, but face issues around a lack of expertise, and selling the concept into the C-suite. Continue Reading


Latest innovations


2021 another record year for UK cyber investment

Total revenue generated by the UK’s cyber sector was up 14% last year, and UK-registered security firms raised over £1bn in investment. Continue Reading


How do SOAR and SIEM services fare in a rapidly changing cyber threat landscape?

Given that cyber risks are rapidly growing in sophistication and number, we look at whether SIEM and SOAR security tools are still effective. Continue Reading


Is the IT sector beset by fear-mongering?

The arms race between hackers and security teams has led to a plethora of new technologies, but it can be hard to differentiate between sensible cyber purchases and those that are promoted by exaggerating risk. Continue Reading


Five ways to ensure remote working security and compliance

A mix of on-site and remote working has become a fact of life for many organisations. We look at five key things you should consider to ensure compliance and security. Continue Reading


Leadership insights


How 2022’s most significant data privacy trends affect your organisation

Data privacy and protection are now core responsibilities for most, but as we all know by now, compliance is a moving target. Here, expert Alan Calder looks ahead at what to expect in the coming months. Continue Reading


When more is too much in security

The view that more security tools equals better protection still persists, but security researcher Etay Maor argues that success in cyber lies in simplicity. Continue Reading


The UK’s cyber security sector is thriving, but our work has only just begun

The government’s Annual Cyber Sector Report painted a positive picture of the UK security industry. CIISec’s Amanda Finch thinks we can go further in developing cyber talent and opening up the sector. Continue Reading


How can you balance security with growth?

As businesses focus on recovery and growth, CISOs must deal with today’s challenges while also planning for tomorrow - how can they achieve both safety and success? Continue Reading


Importance of collaboration


How Dutch hackers are working to make the internet safe

We hear how the personal mission of a Dutch hacker grew into a serious organisation with international ambitions. Continue Reading


Lack of expertise hurting UK government’s cyber preparedness

UK government bodies and critical infrastructure owners cite a lack of staff resources, and internal and external expertise, as hampering factors when it comes to cyber readiness, according to a report. Continue Reading


The Security Interviews: Building the UK’s future cyber ecosystem

As the government lays out the next iteration of its Cyber Security Strategy, we speak to Plexal and Lorca’s Saj Huq about his work building a cyber ecosystem to support the UK’s future ambitions. Continue Reading


How can I avoid an exodus of cyber talent linked to stress and burnout?

Cyber security professionals have played a crucial role during the pandemic, yet many feel like their employers aren’t providing adequate mental health support and have considered quitting their jobs as a result. What can employers do to help them? Continue Reading

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