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Essential guide to operation-centric security

To stay ahead of cyber attackers, security teams need to take an operation-centric approach


Cyber attackers are becoming smarter. Sorry to tell you that. The range of threats that organisations face is getting bigger and broader. Malicious actors are targeting all manner of devices, applications, networks and users. They are introducing new tactics and techniques, in a game of bluff and double bluff designed to confuse potential victims, while slipping in by the back door.

In the past year alone, we’ve seen increases in ransomware attacks, and highly targeted phishing and social engineering. And as more people are working remotely during the pandemic, this has introduced a whole new set of risks and exposed more users to attack.

While there are many security tools available to help organisations defend their digital assets, most are designed for a specific purpose – for securing endpoints, cloud systems or mobile devices, for example. For security professionals, there’s a real risk of alert overload, making it difficult to tell which threats to prioritise.

To stay ahead of attackers, security teams need to take an operation-centric approach, to offer a real-time picture of activity across their estate. This breaks down the threat intelligence silos, reverses the attacker advantage, and returns the high ground to the defenders by extending detection and response capabilities across the organisation. In this essential guide, we look across the security spectrum to highlight the many challenges faced by IT security experts where an operation-centric approach will help.

1Cyber threats-

The growing range of cyber threats

Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with a growing range of tools and techniques targeting your valuable digital assets.


How to build an effective vulnerability management programme

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Double extortion ransomware will be a big theme in 2021

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‘Batman Begins’ cyber attack is a warning to CNI providers

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Credential stuffing: When DDoS isn’t DDoS

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SolarWinds cyber attack is ‘grave risk’ to global security

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End of Emotet: A blow to cyber crime, but don’t drop your guard

The takedown of Emotet is a huge event with repercussions that will reverberate across the cyber criminal world, but unfortunately that’s not to say there will be much of a long-term impact Continue Reading

2Security strategy-

Developing security strategies

Setting up a plan to protect and defend your infrastructure, devices and users requires a range of approaches, all of which could be enhanced by a more holistic, operation-centric view of threats.


Intelligent ways to tackle cyber attack

Artificial intelligence-powered security tools should enable IT security teams to achieve more with less Continue Reading


How to find the right zero trust strategy

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Automating IT security

IT security’s battle with the hacking community has always been a game of cat and mouse, but it’s becoming increasingly automated Continue Reading


SIEM or SOAR or both? Consider your business complexity first

SIEM and SOAR have much in common, but there are key differences between the two that may influence the best fit for your organisation. What should security pros consider when making a choice? Continue Reading

3Security tactics-

How security teams are tackling cyber threats

For security professionals, it’s a daily battle with their adversaries, requiring constant vigilance and excellent detection, defence, and response systems. The coronavirus pandemic also offers an opportunity to rethink your security tactics for the challenges of a post-Covid world.


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Making the case for integrated risk management

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Majority of security pros fed up with alert fatigue

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Inside the SOC: the nerve centre of security operations

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Protecting remote workers an opportunity to do security better

Securing the fully remote workforce has been a challenge for IT teams, but it presents an opportunity to commit to a higher standard of cyber security, according to a Cisco report Continue Reading

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