Legal & General staff fear the worst

Sorry to repeat this post but the previous one was not showing up properly.

This is the views of some of the IT workers at pensions firm Legal & General (L&G)

These comments were posted on an unofficial forum for L&G IT staff.

It describes the feelings of IT staff at L&G after news that the company is now outsourcing its IT infrastructure to IBM.

Here is a thread of comments to give you a feeling of how staff feel:

1 – Before the big negative kick off let’s hear what’s actually going on and what is planned for us all first! I, for one am looking forward to the change and the possible opportunities for me, lets face it hasn’t been great here for a long time!

2 – What is going to happen? let me use my crystal ball.

230 people will be outsourced to IBM. No redundancies, because that isn’t allowed under TUPE.

After 6 months, IBM will announce that after a review of the service, they will be making 150-170 people redundant.

After 1 year there will be around 50 of the original people left. Desperately trying to keep the service going while working with a bunch of cheap under-trained assistants.

If that is something for you to look forward to, you are deluded I am afraid.

3 – If you think it “hasn’t been good” at L & G – wait until you enter the doors of the big bad wolf that is IBM.

4- L&G don’t care about their staff any more and anyone who thinks they’ll be safe at IBM is deluded. They are TATA in another suit. Get another job while you are still employed, don’t wait for them to get rid of you.



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