App developers will always be too expensive for businesses to have in-house

The average UK app developer takes home £70,000 per year, according to recruitment company ReThink. This following a 27% increase in pay over the last year driven by demand for smartphone and tablet apps.
ReThink talks about the arrival of the app economy, which came about as a result of businesses interacting with customers via apps on devices such as smartphones and tablets, as being the engine behind the app industry’s explosion.

At growth rates like this wages will be unsustainable for many companies who will turn to contractors or suppliers for resources in the short term. App developers will be a luxury to tap into for projects.

According to ReThink the app economy is serious business. “Whilst there are plenty of stories of independent developers becoming millionaires in a very short space of time, there are also a growing number of app development consultancies who are becoming big and significant employers. These consultancies are increasingly prepared to pay very high salaries for app developers with the right kind of skills.”

But who will win?

Will it be the contractors or the service providers?

Either way a whole new IT industry has arrived and it is almost uniquely outsourced.

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