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Infographic: A graphical analysis of the budget


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Key: The large bubbles represent the frequency of each

theme and the phrases associated with it (the smallest bubbles) are used

in the Chancellor’s budget statement. The bubble size is also refelects how close in

proximity these phrases are to each other in the text.


competitiveness was the biggest theme promoted in the budget yesterday, according to an analysis of the themes in the Chancellor’s budget speech by Deloitte Analytics.

Corporation tax, which will be reduced to a new low of 20% from 2015/16, featured most prominently in the budget material.

The next two biggest themes were a discussion of the merits of more active monetary policy and new measures to help people up the

housing ladder.

The fourth big theme was national insurance. The smallest employers will

benefit  from being let off the first £2,000 of employers’ national


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