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Every organisation needs to deliver a great service through the web, whether selling products through e-commerce or connecting with customers and partners. Web software skills are in great demand, using tools such as Ajax, Java, .Net, HTML, Python, Perl and XML. We analyse the tools and technologies needed for a successful web software strategy.

  • E-Zine 12 Sep 2023

    The dangers of breaking encryption

    In this week’s Computer Weekly, we detail the concerns of the BCS and other IT experts about the UK’s Online Safety Bill’s proposals to weaken end-to-end message encryption. Our buyer’s guide continues to look at the issues around integrating software-as-a-service applications, with a particular eye to the proliferation of SaaS during the Covid pandemic. Red Hat’s CEO Matt Hicks retails the company’s efforts to support generative AI. And we discover how immersive technologies can shape a brave new world of training and design. Read the issue now. Continue Reading

  • News 05 Jun 2023

    Medical regulator drops probe into NHS whistleblower Peter Duffy amid dispute over email evidence

    The General Medical Council has dropped an investigation into an NHS whistleblower who exposed widespread clinical harm at Morecambe Bay Trust amid questions over disputed email evidence Continue Reading

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