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Ada Lovelace Day - Barbara Liskov

Ada Lovelace Day - Barbara Liskov

Barbara Liskov is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was the first woman in the US to receive a PhD in computer science. She was recently awarded the A M Turing award by the Association for Computing Machinery, one of the highest honours in science and engineering, for her work in helping making software more reliable and resistant to hacking. She was only the second woman to receive the award. (Read also: blog post on Barbara Liskov)


Today (March 24) is Ada Lovelace Day, which aims to raise awareness of female role models in IT. Here are some of the women in technology that the Computer Weekly team admire: let us know who you look up to, or add your comments to our Ada Lovelace Day blog posts over at WITsend.

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It's Friday 20th September 2013 today - my 44th wedding anniversary.
No one has ever left a comment on here and the page is dated 23 March 2009.
This evening, on the way home from work, I heard a fascinating 'Great Lives' (Radio 4) all about Ada Lovelace, the 19th century computer pioneer and was told Ada Lovelace Day is on the 25th October; yet on this page it is billed as being the 24th March.
Can you explain this anomaly please?


In 2009, Ada Lovelace day was on 24th March, the day after this article was published. see here: