Williams Group hires ex-Lotus CIO Graeme Hackland as IT director

Former Lotus F1 Team CIO will be responsible for IT at Williams F1 Team and Williams Advanced Engineering.

Graeme Hackland has been hired by Williams Group as IT director of the Formula One team.

Hackland, who was previously CIO at Lotus F1 Team, will be responsible for IT at Williams F1 Team and Williams Advanced Engineering.

Hackland said: “I'm excited to play a part in the future success of Williams, bringing my love of applying technology to complex business challenges, especially at a time of major change within Formula One's technical regulations."

Hackland believes IT will play a major role in helping teams support the new 2014 regulations, and develop race-winning strategies.

While at Lotus, Hackland was part of the team developing a programme called Strategy, to link CAD data with the company’s Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. The system was being developed to streamline analysis of the Lotus F1 car’s performance with engineering data.

In an interview with Computer Weekly, while he was at Lotus F1 Team, Hackland said: "Today it is very manual and it take a few days to bring all the data altogether." Linking Dynamics with CAD would speed up data analysis.

At the time, Hackland said a race team can win a single race without such data analysis, but winning the F1 championship requires software like Strategy to help the team build a better car over the season.

Hackland will also be on Williams’ executive committee. Group CEO, Mike O'Driscoll, said: "As a rapidly expanding high technology business it is important that we continue to invest in the very best IT facilities and personnel."

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