You read it here first

Saturday mornings is when Guido Fawkes posts his ratings.

I’ve no idea what mine are and I don’t like to boast but ….

That is a lie – I would like to boast …. or rather say thank you to some of my readers.

A friend has back-tracked on the growing number of comments (including blog-postings) which put the current attacks on the News of the World into the context of “Operation Motorman“, the ICO’s follow up report to “What Price Privacy“, the DCMS Select Committee report and the need to investigate the other clients of the phonehackers.

The comments* began the day after my blog on the 6th – So which which newspaper has not employed phone hackers and their on-line equivalent  and the postings I placed on a couple of mainstream political blogs at the same time using my normal pseudonym, as opposed to anonymously.

(* I am referring to comments in the context of the current attacks, not previous comments such at that which I have used in the link above to Operation Motorman. It is perhaps significant that that comment does not even mention the News of the World (not one of the top three customers of the phone-hackers) and majors on the attempt by a non-tabloid, the Observer, to distance itself from what was found during the police raid.)  

The message is that this blog, the comments on it and those I place elsewhere to reinforce some of the messages, attract an “interesting” audience.

Therefore I had better remind you of the “rules of engagement”.     

The Press Compliants Commission may be a toothless tiger but this blog runs under their conventions. That means it is moderated and I do not use material or accept comments where I do not know the source or cannot verify. I am happy to accept “guest entries” on topics that I know I should cover, but lack the time. I expect my guests to follow similar rules.    

I should perhaps add that I use similar rules for when I post comments using my pseudonym because I have no serious confidence in any claims of anonymity. It is all too easy to find out not only what breed of on-line dog you are, your eating habits, your parentage, where you hang out, who with and so on.

Hence my desire to use the phone-hacking scandal to put the issues into the context of the present and the future – not just the past

– and to say thank you to those who have helped multiply and magnify the “real” message – as opposed to merely joining the current politically and commercially motivated Witch Hunt.