Will Brazil see the first democracy toppled by a "Social Media" revolution?

Normally I ignore the news items suggested by MSN but this piece of comment on NBC caught my eye one caught my eye. It begins with comment on how the use of social media is both spreading and splintering the protests in Brazil but leads through to what looks remarkably like the classical revolutionary process (splintering followed by consolidation and take-over by those with mastery of the media of the day) in 18th Century France or early 20th Century Russia, encapsulated into “Social Media Time” (years into months into days), not just “Internet Time” (seven years into one).

If so, it is another reason for believing that the UK and US security services should not only be doing what they are doing, but bringing their thought processes into the 21st century: such as the ability to do real time analysis and response using the digested information offered by the fixed and mobile operators during the London Riots. The PRISM approach means the intelligence analyses will be available in time to be used by the secret police of the new revolutionary government after the period of anarchy is over.