Was the RBS system collapse a "Tay Bridge" moment?

I have been told that the immediate cause was the accidental deletion (instead of implementation) of the restoration schedule by an inexperienced operator. If that is correct, it raises the question of how and why the system was so vulnerable.

As with the Tay Bridge, the question is, therefore, not why it happened but why it did not happen earlier.

As I said in one of my previous blogs on this topic, the time has come for the IT industry to take professionalism seriously and not just mouth the words.

There is a similar issue to do with Libor where the revelations of government interference merely add to the need to also take a new look at the standards of information governance, not just of technical competance, on which our society increasingly relies.  

Meanwhile I ask “Who would you rather trust with your savings, bankers rigging interest rates to boost their bonuses or politicians doing so to write-down what they owe you?”

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